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J. D. Fleeman's
A Bibliography of the Writings of Samuel Johnson, 1731-1984



Welcome to this up-dating of the late David Fleeman's A Bibliography of the Writings of Samuel Johnson, published in two volumes by Oxford University Press on 2 March 2000. The Bibliography attempts to list all editions of Johnson's works from his first publication, 'Messia', in John Husbands's Miscellany in 1731, to the editions published in the year of the bicentenary of his death, 1984. That year David Fleeman hosted an international conference at Pembroke College, Oxford, Johnson's college and his own, and called a halt to the record of modern editions.

This site is devoted to additions and corrections to the Bibliography; its aim is not to continue the list beyond 1984. It is intended as a quarry for interested Johnsonians and takes a liberal view of what constitutes an addition or correction. Sifting will be the responsibility of some later reviser. Items are listed in Fleeman order, and the information has been given as briefly as possible. A provisional attempt has been made to allot new items to their place in the Fleeman sequence. NIF stands for 'Not in Fleeman'. I have followed David Fleeman in extending the English use of 'Esq.' to Americans, and apologize to those whose names I do not know.

I had intended to give the source of an item at the end of the entry, but some scholars have been so generous as to make that laborious. I am particularly grateful to Don Eddy, for allowing me to reproduce the information in his review of the bibliography (The Library, 7th ser., 2 (2001), 161-78), and to Jerry Goldberg for permission to use the listing of his Johnson library. I have retained many of the differences in styling of these lists, while adapting them to the Fleeman order. I am indebted to David Christie, Roger Lonsdale, Jim McCue, David Vander Meulen (review essay in The Age of Johnson, 13 (2002), 389-435), Shef Rogers, and Henry Woudhuysen for generously sharing information with me, to Robert J. Barry, most particularly, and Amelia Prostano, who helped Don Eddy and Jerry Goldberg, and to Stephen Owen who originally helped set up the web-page.

I do not wish to add further to the lists of copies, but John Bloomberg-Rissman of the ESTC invites reports of additional institutional copies to be sent directly to him, either by email (at or by post (CBSR 016, Olmsted Hall, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521-0154). I am happy to receive corrections and other additions.

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