Supplement to Published Volumes of
the Index to British Literary Bibliography



The following text represents additions or corrections (but not all corrections) to previously published volumes of the Index to British Literary Bibliography, namely, vol. 1. Bibliography of British Literary Bibliographies, 2nd ed., rev. and enl. (Oxford: Clarendon pr., 1987); 2. Shakespearian Bibliography and Textual Criticism: A Bibliography, (Oxford, Clarendon pr., 1972; 2nd ed., rev. and enl. Signal Mountain, Tenn., Summertown pr., 2000); 4-5. British Bibliography and Textual Criticism: A Bibliography (Oxford: Clarendon pr., 1979); and 6. British Literary Bibliography and Textual Criticism, 1890-1969: An Index (Oxford: Clarendon pr., 1980). However, the majority of the additions to the later volumes, 7. British Literary Bibliography, 1970-1979: A Bibliography (Oxford: Clarendon pr., 1992) and 8-9. British Literary Bibliography, 1980-1989: A Bibliography (Oxford: Clarendon pr.,1999) remain to be added into this BibSite supplement. Most of the present material was identified and seen during the preparation of vol. 3, British Books and the Booktrade to 1890: A Bibliography, a work that will probably occupy three or four volumes even when eased of these later additions to previously published volumes.

My intention in proposing BibSite to BSA was not only to make somewhat unpublishable material available to potential users who may never have a different form of access to it, but also to solicit correction and additions -- although people who advise me of items that seem to have been omitted should consult the appropriate volumes of the Bibliography first, and especially the introductory remarks on the scope and coverage of each volume. The conventions and style of entry of the items here are by and large common to all volumes -- they are described in each volume where also a list of abbreviations are given -- but the classification is somewhat more precise than that of the earlier volumes, especially as material associated with particular countries and regions are classified for such subjects as Libraries or Printing under REGIONAL headings. The Subject Index is most particular: by using it, even with such a small number of entries, a user will find more relevant entries than by using the classified sequence alone.

This Supplement has been compiled and presented here as if it were a separately-published volume of the Bibliography. It should be used as a book simply by scanning the text. This is not a crude database amenable to casual searching. The Subject Index will identify all the items relative to a particular enquiry. Locate a subject in the Subject Index (or a name in the Author Index) and scroll through the Bibliography in the right frame in order to locate each item by number.

T. H. Howard-Hill
10 January 2004



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