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Unofficial Index to Ilse Schunke's
Die Schwenke-Sammlung



The Schwenke-Sammlung, as it is known, is the vast archive of rubbings of gothic bookbindings collected by Paul Schwenke (now preserved at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin); the archive was arranged by Ilse Schunke (1892-1978). Her catalogue of the Schwenke-Sammlung is entitled "Die Schwenke-Sammlung gotischer Stempel- und Einbanddurchreibungen, nach Motiven geordnet und nach Werkstatten bestimmt und beschrieben von Ilse Schunke." The plate volume of the Schwenke-Sammlung was published in 1979 by the Akademie-Verlag, Berlin, in the Beiträge zur Inkunabelkunde series (3. Folge, 7). The index volume was edited by Konrad von Rabenau, and published in 1996 by the same organization (Beiträge zur Inkunabelkunde 3. Folge, 10).

Ilse Schunke's catalogue of the Schwenke-Sammlung has at least two grave deficiencies, to wit: the reproductions are occasionally atrocious, and Schunke's assignments are often the product of fantasy. The present index serves as a tool to correct at least some of the numerous errors in Schunke's work.

The present computer-generated index lists all the tools that appear in the Schwenke-Sammlung, arranged by workshop in strict alphabetical order. A hard-copy of this index was given to the Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, Berlin, in 1996; however, it was not utilized in the compilation of the "Textband" of the Schwenke-Sammlung catalogue. Serious scholars are encouraged to use the present index in addition to Dr. von Rabenau's "Textband."

Following the Index is a separate section of workshops represented in the Schwenke-Sammlung which were described and illustrated by Ernst Kyriss, Verzierte gotische Einbände im alten deutschen Sprachgebiet, Stuttgart: M. Hettler, 1951-1958.

Unofficial Index to Ilse Schunke's Die Schwenke-Sammlung.

List of Kyriss Workshops represented in the Schwenke-Sammlung.


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