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A Bibliographical Register of the Sermons & Other Orations Delivered at the Council of Constance (1414-1418)



The register below builds on the monumental earlier work of Heinrich Finke, who published a register of the Constance orations in the second volume of his Acta concilii Constanciensis as a framework for his editions of many of these orations.1   Our register is intended to prepare the way for new critical editions of the orations. Because many of the orations remain unedited in part or full (several editions, including Finke's, consist only of excerpts and were usually edited from only one manuscript witness) and because the older printed editions are often faulty and difficult to access, scholars will often need to consult the manuscripts until the new critical editions are completed. Our register is designed to facilitate that process. For each oration it identifies all known manuscripts and printed editions and provides information concerning dates and authorship of the orations based on the evidence of the manuscripts and secondary sources. References to the sermons in the important studies of P. Arendt2  and W. Brandmüller3  are provided.

In Section 4, following the main register, is a list of Constance sermons which are known from contemporary references to have been delivered at the council, but for which no manuscript or print copy exists. Several manuscripts also contain, among the known speeches from Constance, a number of earlier sermons by Petrus Roger (Pope Clement VI), a number of which may have been recited at the Council of Constance.4   A register of these speeches, showing the manuscripts and printed editions in which they appear, is provided in Section 5.  Section 6 is a list of all the manuscripts containing Constance sermons, providing references to the most recent catalogue descriptions of the manuscripts. At the end of this list we have noted manuscripts which earlier scholars cited as containing Constance sermons, but which are now lost or which we have found to contain no Constance sermons.

Finally, Sections 7-10 provide a bibliography of works cited in the register, a chronological listing of the sermons (insofar as dates are known), and a list of incipits and an index by orator. The sermons in the main register are organized alphabetically by the sermons' themata; sermons which have no thema are listed at the beginning of the register in alphabetical order by incipit. In the lists and index the sermons are cited by thema (or by incipit in pointed brackets for sermons without themata). Sermons from Sections 4 and 5 are also included in the lists and indexes. Sermons from Section 4 are identified by (L) following the thema or incipit, and sermons from Section 5 are identified by (P) following the thema or incipit. Sermons identified by (U) following the thema or incipit are possible, but not certain Constance sermons.

We are convinced that there are other copies of the sermons yet to be identified in other European libraries and archives. Thus, this register is an unfinished work, which we hope will facilitate the location and edition of still more Constance materials. Its publication on the Bibliography Society of America's website should further facilitate this process, as it will allow easy electronic access to current data. We invite other scholars to contribute new information or offer suggestions for corrections to the register; such contributions will of course be duly acknowledged on the online register and any future print publications.

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Phillip Stump (

Support for this research was provided by Wilfrid Laurier University and Lynchburg College , and by the Bibliographical Society of America. We also thank Dr. Dagmara Wojcik, who kindly visited the Biblioteka Seminarium Duchownego in Wloclawek , Poland , on behalf of this project and compiled an inventory of MS 53 in that collection. We also acknowledge the many archivists and librarians throughout Europe and at the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library in Collegeville, Minnesota, and at the Pius XII Memorial Library at St. Louis University, who have kindly assisted us in this work, with special thanks to Anette Löffler of the Leipzig Universitätsbibliothek for identifying the sole known manuscript copy of Livore eius sanati sumus . We also thank Samuel “Somhairle” Wilkins, Lacey Ore , Rick Howell, and Raphael Esparza, students at Lynchburg College , for their assistance in the preparation of lists and indexes and proof-reading of text.

Revision History:
Version 2 (30 August 2007), Version 1 (January, 2006).

1. Acta concilii Constanciensis [hereafter cited as ACC] , ed. Heinrich Finke, 4 vols. (Münster, 1896-1928), 2:367-545.

2. Paul Arendt, Die Predigten des Konstanzer Konzils: ein Beitrag zur Predigt- und Kirchengeschichte des ausgehenden Mittelalters ( Freiburg , 1933), 3. Arendt's book, the only monograph to date on the Constance sermons, provides as an index only a general Sachregister which does not refer readers to his citations of particular speeches or speakers throughout the book; as a result, the book is difficult to use for scholars interested in specific sermons or preachers. The present sermon register overcomes this shortcoming by providing, within the bibliography field for all of the texts he discusses, references to all of the relevant pages and footnotes in Arendt's book.

3. Walter Brandmüller, Das Konzil von Konstanz , 2 vols. (Paderborn, 1991-1997).

4. Diana Wood, "'Maximus sermonicator verbi Dei': The sermon literature of Pope Clement VI," in The Materials, Sources, and Methods of Ecclesiastical History (Studies in Church History , 11), ed. Derek Baker (New York, 1975), 168-71.



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