2018 New Scholars Program Application Form

Please complete all components of this application as requested. Candidates should submit in the form of a single PDF file: 1) a letter of application describing their interest in bibliography and incorporating an abstract of no more than 250 words for their proposed project; 2) a curriculum vitae. In addition, all candidates should request that a confidential letter of recommendation be sent in support of their application. (N.B. Doctoral candidates should request a recommendation from their dissertation director.) For submissions to be considered for the following January, materials should be received by 27 August 2018. No other documentation will be considered by the committee unless specifically requested in advance.

Note: Please submit attachments as PDF documents.

  • Contact Information

  • Please limit your abstract to 250 words in length.
  • Recommender's Contact Information

    A confidential letter of reference is required for all candidates. (N.B. Doctoral candidates should request a letter of recommendation from their dissertation director.) The letter should be written specifically in support of this application. Letters submitted electronically (by webform or by email) as signed PDFs are preferable, although postal submissions will be accepted. When using e-mail, we ask that recommenders use the subject line “Recommendation for [Applicant Name]” (for example, “Recommendation for Chris Smith”). Applicants are advised to request recommendation letters well in advance and to direct referees to the Society's website for guidance. NB: We request submission of the information below to assist us in assembling applicant dossiers; this form does not send a recommendation request on behalf of the applicant. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have the letter of reference in the Society’s hands by 27 August 2018.
  • Letter of Application & CV

    The New Scholars Program seeks to promote the work of scholars who are new to the field of bibliography, broadly defined to include any research that deals with the creation, production, publication, distribution, reception, transmission, and subsequent history of texts as material objects (print or manuscript). Please provide us with a single PDF document containing a letter of application describing 1) your interest in bibliography and incorporating an abstract of no more than 250 words for your proposed project; and 2) a curriculum vitae. Your letter should outline the nature of your current, unpublished research in the field of bibliography, and your eligibility for the New Scholars Program. Junior (i.e., untenured) faculty and graduate students at the dissertation level are eligible, as are professional librarians, members of the book trade, and book collectors who are at the beginning of their careers.
  • Browse to your combined PDF document, containing your letter of application and curriculum vitae.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Additional Materials

    Please provide us with any additional materials requested by the committee.
  • Browse to your additional materials and attach them here as a PDF document. Please do not submit additional materials without instruction from the committee.
    Accepted file types: pdf.