The Bibliographical Society of America’s BibSite functions as a service to bibliographers by offering a means for scholars to provide public access to accumulated bibliographical research materials that may be useful to other researchers.

Authors may also contribute additions and corrections to published bibliographies and other bibliographical works. Guidelines for submission and use are outlined below.

Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Bibliographers are responsible for the bibliographical form and content of contributions and retain established intellectual property rights to their contributions to BibSite. Consequently, authors may subsequently publish elsewhere their and others’ contributions, with appropriate acknowledgments. (If this occurs, the contribution will be replaced and a reference to the newly updated publication will be substituted.)
  2. Material to supplement a published work should be headed with the author’s name and a bibliographical citation (including an ISBN or ISSN) of the original work: e.g., Chambers, M. Clark, Kate Boyle: A Bibliography. (Winchester, Hants.: St. Paul’s Bibliographies; New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2002. (ISBN 1-58456-063-0). Other materials should be headed with the contributor’s name and a descriptive heading suitable for citation: e.g., Other, A. N., “Dated and Datable American Watermarks to 1800 in Massachusetts Archives.” Additional contributions should supply the original citation at the head, and give the contributor’s name at the end. All contributors may provide the names of their institutions and other contact details as they wish, at the end of the contribution.
  3. Contributions to correct or supplement a published work should employ the arrangement and system of reference (e.g., item numbers) of the original work.
  4. Authors may designate whether their contributions may be downloaded as files for use on another computer or printed out, for reading only.
  5. BibSite will receive pictorial archives like printers’ ornaments, illustrations of bindings, and watermarks, headed as in (2) above. For others, consult the BibSite Administrator.

Other Guidelines

  1. BibSite and individual contributors should be acknowledged in any publication (printed or electronic) resulting from its use.
  2. Publishers of bibliographical works may solicit the posting on BibSite of additions and corrections to the works they have published.
  3. BibSite will provide links to other web sites that provide updates to bibliographical works, and invites notice of them.


Contributions may be submitted as HTML or web-based resources or in any standard word-processing format—e.g., MS Word, WordPerfect, or Rich Text. If your work includes images, these may be sent in a variety of formats, although JPEGs are preferred. All materials should be sent to the BSA Webmaster and BibSite Administrator, Donna Sy, via email or Dropbox. Please include the subject line “BibSite contribution” in your email or Dropbox cover note. Contributions may also be sent on flash drives via mail to Ms. Sy at:

Donna Sy
Rare Book School
114 Alderman Library
University of Virginia
PO Box 400103
Charlottesville, VA 22903

All contributions to BibSite must also be accompanied by a completed BibSite User’s License, which should be signed and mailed to the address above.

For additional technical information, please e-mail the BSA Webmaster and BibSite Administrator Donna Sy.


Please use the following forms when citing BibSite resources:

General Site Citation:

BibSite, The Bibliographical Society of America, <>.

Citation of a Resource Available on BibSite:

[Author of Resource], [“Title of Resource”], [resource date, if any], BibSite, The Bibliographical Society of America, <>.

James McLaverty, “Addenda and Corrigenda to J. D. Fleeman’s ‘Bibliography of the Writings of Samuel Johnson, 1731-1984,'” 2003, BibSite, The Bibliographical Society of America <>.

Terms of Use

BibSite functions as a service to bibliographers in accordance with its Terms of Use. In sponsoring BibSite, BSA does not accept responsibility for the content of contributions, nor will it reject or edit any appropriate contribution further than is necessary to make it available on BibSite.