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Fellowship Committee

In keeping with the Society’s mission to foster the study of books and other textual artifacts in traditional and emerging formats, the Fellowship Committee administers the Society’s program of funding scholarship designed to promote bibliographical inquiry and research. Each year a number of short-term fellowships awarded on the basis of merit support projects that may range chronologically from clay tablets and papyrus rolls to contemporary literary texts and born-digital materials. Topics relating to books and manuscripts in any field and of any period are eligible for consideration as long as they include analysis of the physical object – that is, the handwritten, printed, or other textual artifact – as historical evidence. In judging fellowship applications the committee also strives for diversity and inclusivity both in the topics chosen and in the backgrounds or professional roles of researchers.

Current Members

Hope Mayo, Houghton Library (retired), (Chair)
AJ Berkovitz, Hebrew Union College (Vice Chair)
Paloma Celis Carbajal, New York Public Library
Heather Cole, John Hay Library, Brown University
Elizabeth Denlinger, New York Public Library
Jesse Erickson, University of Delaware
E. Haven Hawley, University of Florida
Barbara A. Shailor, Yale University (ex officio)