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Investments Committee

The Investments Committee of the Bibliographical Society of America oversees the financial assets of the Society and ensures the Society’s investments are in compliance with the Society’s investment objectives.  Among the specific tasks the Committee will undertake are:

  • Periodically reviewing the Society’s Investment Policy in light of current economic conditions and the acitivities of the Society, and making recommendations for any changes to Council
  • Assuring that funds are invested in compliance with the Investment Policy
  • Monitoring the funds as deemed appropriate, at minimum on a quarterly basis.
  • Ensuring that documentation is on file to enable transactions within the fund.
  • Assisting with providing documentation needed for BSA annual audit.
  • Regular reporting to the Council of all activities.

Membership of the Committee shall include at least two members of the Council in addition to the Chair.  One of these members shall be the Chair of the Audit Committee.   The Treasurer and Executive Director shall be invited to attend Committee meetings in a non-voting capacity.

Current Memebers

Jackie Vossler, Caxton Club, Chicago (Chair)
Susan M. Allen, California Rare Book School
G. Scott Clemons, Brown Brothers Harriman
María Victoria Fernández, Hindman Auctions
Joan Friedman, Urbana, IL
Andrew T. Nadell, M.D., San Francisco, CA