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Membership Working Group

The Membership Working Group was established so that the BSA could be responsive to the needs of BSA members, and works in partnership with BSA Council and standing Committees to foster an inclusive and engaging community. Our priority is to assess and make recommendations to optimize the membership experience and to maintain a broad and diverse BSA membership.

The Membership Working Group consists of at least three and no more than five members. Additionally, the Executive Director serves ex officio.

Current Members

Kyle Triplett, New York Public Library (Chair)
Jose C. Guerrero, Sutro Branch, California State Library (Co-Vice Chair)
Elizabeth Ott, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Charlotte Priddle, New York University
Rebecca Romney, Type Punch Matrix (Co-Vice Chair)
Erin McGuirl, BSA Executive Director (Ex-Officio)
William Stoneman, Houghton Library, Harvard University
Jackie Vossler, Caxton Club, Chicago