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Terms of Use

Scholars are invited to submit relevant bibliographic research material for posting on BibSite. Contributors are expected to observe generally accepted standards for originality of scholarly work and attribution of sources and may submit updates and corrections of any previously posted material, or request that their earlier contributions be deleted by contacting the BibSite administrator.

By posting material on BibSite, contributors are deemed to have claimed all intellectual property rights and reserved all rights to reproduce and reuse their material in other electronic or print formats. By accessing BibSite, users agree that the BSA will have no liability in any dispute over intellectual ownership or subsequent use of any material posted.

The posting of a bibliographic resource on BibSite does not imply endorsement by the BSA or the BibSite administrator, nor any assertion of the accuracy, validity, or originality of the material. Submissions are not peer reviewed, judged, or critically evaluated prior to posting. However, the BibSite administrator reserves the right not to post any or all of a submission deemed out-of-scope or otherwise inappropriate for the site or to make necessary modifications in the format of a work in order to make it compatible with Bibsite or for other technical reasons. The BibSite administrator will make a good faith effort to post material as received and to provide ongoing access to these materials once posted, but the BSA disclaims liability for problems arising at any time from site down-time or from technical difficulties with the site or individual files.