Strategic Pillars


We broaden access to bibliographical community, resources, and scholarship. We expand traditional definitions of scholars and scholarship to include everyone engaged with and interested in bibliographical knowledge, no matter their background or professional identity.


The BSA supports the study of material texts in traditional and emerging formats, encompassing (for example) graphic, tactile, digital, and other formats and materials.


We build awareness of bibliographical scholarship and practice and its relevance to research, pedagogy, scholarship, and public humanities discourse.


The community of BSA members, Fellows, New Scholars, writers, speakers and presenters, and newsletter subscribers is the Society’s greatest strength. The Society serves its broad community when it facilitates connections between individuals and small groups.

  • We promote research and practice between disciplines and professions.

  • We adopt policies and procedures that prioritize equity and inclusion in all of our programs as well as in governance. 

  • We recognize the similarities and honor the differences between material texts in historically and globally diverse forms.

  • We organize events that create a sense of belonging within and responsibility to the field.

  • We seek collaborative partnerships with organizations that share our vision and values.



We incubate new ideas around research, practice, and pedagogy in the field of bibliography. We foster traditional and innovative research, pedagogical resources, and event formats to engage with diverse audiences.

  • We embrace an expansive definition of bibliography, focusing on material texts in traditional and emerging formats.

  • We value process and product equally. New and traditional methods, approaches, and materials advance bibliographical scholarship; BSA recognizes research and development as assets to the field.

  • We encourage early career bibliographical practitioners through fellowships, publication, mentorship, and events programming.

  • We eagerly welcome new members into the community and facilitate their sustained engagement with the Society.


We spark growth and change in the field of bibliography. We value nimbleness and elasticity. We invite in people who work with a broad range of textual artifacts and nurture their work, adapting mindfully to the evolving needs of the field and its constituents. 

  • We advance research excellence at the leading edge of the field in a variety of scholarly formats. 

  • We facilitate conversations about the definitions and uses of critical bibliography and bibliographical methods.

  • We encourage people, especially voices new to the field, to contribute to bibliographical discourse.

Support the Annual Fund

On October 1, 2023, the BSA started our new fiscal year. By making your annual contribution now, you help to set us on the right track for Bibliography Week and new calendar year.