Kaleidoscope Tech Support

Applicants and recommenders experiencing technical difficulties with Kaleidoscope are encouraged to contact the Kaleidoscope help desk by emailing help@mykaleidoscope.com at any time. Someone from their tech support team replies to emails within 1 business day; most emails receive a response within 3 hours. Please note that the Kaleidoscope help team works Monday–Friday, 9–5 Central Time. Emails sent on the weekend receive responses on Monday.

Submitting letters of recommendation

Kaleidoscope sends prompts to every recommender entered into the system by an applicant. Unfortunately, institutional firewalls often prevent Kaleidoscope’s messages from being delivered. If your recommender has not received a prompt to submit your letter of recommendation, please share the information below and contact the Kaleidoscope help desk if you need further assistance.

Instructions to applicants and their recommenders

Communicate with your recommender about the process, sharing the information below (or a link to this page). Your recommender needs to know the email address that you submitted to Kaleidoscope for them.


Follow the instructions below to create and/or login to your Kaleidoscope account to submit the letter of recommendation. This process should take no more than 15–20 minutes if your letter is ready for upload. Visit the Kaleidoscope login page: https://apply.mykaleidoscope.com/login.

If the recommender has never used Kaleidoscope to submit a recommendation letter

Follow the prompt below the login fields (email address, password) reading, “Are you a nominator, endorser, reference, school counselor, third party contributor or review board member? An account has already been created for you! Click here to set your password.” Click “click here” and follow the prompts to set a password to access your account. (Here’s a picture of that screen.)  

If the recommender has used Kaleidoscope to submit a recommendation letter

Login with your existing username and password, as long as it is the same email address as that submitted by the applicant. If you have used Kaleidoscope in the past but registered with a different email address, you will need to follow the process outlined for first-time users above.

Once the recommender has logged in

The recommender dashboard will display the recommendation request awaiting completion. Click on the prompt and follow the instructions to complete the upload.