Call for Nominations for Officers and the Council Class of 2027

Deadline for nominations is August 15, 2023

The Bibliographical Society of America seeks seven new Officers and Council Members who will be elected at our Annual Meeting on 26 January 2024. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to BSA’s many initiatives, and we welcome new voices and perspectives.

Please consider nominating yourself or others! We strongly value the expertise and collegiality of all our members and especially welcome nominees who represent the racial and ethnic diversity of bibliographical communities in the United States. The Society has defined its goals for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Introduction of the Equity Action Plan (EAP). The Nominating Committee seeks individuals who are committed to helping the Society fulfill the goals laid out in its EAP and asks all interested candidates to review it carefully.

We seek:

  • Council Members (4). Elected for a 3-year term, renewable once. The Council provides leadership for the BSA and is responsible for governing the Society in accordance with our mission and values. Duties include setting strategic priorities for the short- and medium-term, planning for the future, approving the annual budget, and fundraising. Council Members are also invited to join committees and working groups based on their interests and experience. 

  • President. Elected for a 2-year term, renewable once. Provides overall vision and leadership and oversees the work of the Council. Has primary responsibility for fundraising.

  • Secretary. Elected for a 2-year term, renewable once. Takes minutes of all meetings of the Society, the Council, and the Executive Committee, and solicits and compiles committee reports prior to Council meetings. Facilitates communication among the Officers, Council, and committee chairs.

  • Treasurer. Elected for a 2-year term, renewable multiple times. Oversee the accounts and financial affairs of the Society, supported by the Finance Committee.

We ask Officers and Council members to make a financial contribution to the Annual Fund of the Society to meet the goal of 100% participation. There is no minimum contribution; give what you can afford. Service as an Officer or on the Council requires attending, virtually or in person, three meetings each year, in (roughly) February, May, and September. Additionally, Officers meet quarterly, between Council meetings, to deal with the Society’s more pressing business.

Involvement in BSA is a great way to build relationships across a broad professional spectrum. Visit the BSA website for a list of current Council members and Officers. Further information about the role of Council Members and our Council orientation packet can be obtained by request from Executive Director Erin McGuirl at

Members of this year’s Nominating Committee are:

  • Leslie A. Morris, Houghton Library, Harvard University (Chair)

  • Caroline Durosell-Melish, President, BSA ex officio

  • Heather O’Donnell, Honey & Wax Booksellers

  • Todd Pattison, New England Historic Genealogical Society

  • Megan Peiser, Vice President, BSA ex officio

  • Douglas Pfeiffer, Stony Brook University

  • Jacinta R. Saffold, The University of New Orleans

  • Shannon K. Supple, Smith College


Please propose possible candidates, including yourself, before August 15 by contacting the committee at

The Nominating Committee will review the nominations beginning on August 15. Keeping in mind the current needs of the Council, we will speak with potential candidates throughout the fall and announce the slate to membership in advance of the election at the January 2024 meeting.