The March 2024 Issue of PBSA

Dear Readers,

With this issue we introduce a new volume theme and some small adjustments to our design. This year the cover images will focus on type, covering a range of centuries, continents, and media. It seems only fitting to kick things off with a nod to the home of the oldest movable type, Korea, where brass type was developed in the thirteenth century. The type featured on our March cover is a bit more recent than that—it’s from the late 18th century in the Joseon dynasty—but it attests to the long history of print and the materials that make it possible.

This new volume of PBSA also tweaks our new design a bit, widening the top and outer margins and resetting our article titles in a slightly smaller face. We hope that these changes will make reading the print journal more enjoyable. As always, you can also read the journal online in HTML or PDF formats, download individual PDFs, or, if you’re a BSA member, download the entire issue as an eBook.

Thank you, as always, for reading and writing for PBSA.

– Jesse R. Erickson and Sarah Werner, Editors


  • “Shakespeare by Touch: Tactile Reading and N. B. Kneass Jr.’s Merchant of Venice (1870)”
    by Taylor Hare

  • “Black Bibliography: The Publication History of The Adventures and Escape of Moses Roper, from American Slavery, 1837-1849
    by Bruce E. Baker and Fionnghuala Sweeney

  • “Historical Shelfmarks & Institutional Provenance Research: Reconstructing the University of Virginia’s Rotunda Library”
    by Samuel V. Lemley, Neal D. Curtis, and Madeline Zehnder