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The 2022 Annual Meeting

From January 24–28, 2022 the Bibliographical Society of America will celebrate Bibliography Week with a series of events designed to demonstrate bibliographical practice and its relevance to interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities.

The 2022 Annual Meeting will be held for a virtual, global audience online only with the New Scholars Program starting at 12pm Eastern. All those traveling to New York are warmly invited to attend our in-person reception at Convene, 530 Fifth Avenue. Registration and proof of vaccination, in accordance with our host venue’s policy, will be required to attend.

As with last year, The Annual Meeting will open with the keynote lecture, followed by a question and answer session. Following a short intermission, the Society’s brief business meeting will conclude the day’s activities. The meeting will feature parting words from outgoing President Barbara A. Shailor, as well as the Schiller Prize presentation, and – most importantly! – the election of Officers and the Council Class of 2025. The meeting will conclude no later than 4pm Eastern.

All those traveling to New York are warmly invited to attend our in-person cocktail reception. Registration and proof of vaccination, in accordance with our host venue’s policy, will be required to attend. There are separate registrations for the Annual Meeting/New Scholars Program and the Reception; if you intend to attend both, please be sure to register for each separately.

Folio Sponsors of the Annual Meeting
The Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America • Type Punch Matrix • W. S. Cotter Rare Books


Quarto Sponsors of the Annual Meeting
Austin Abbey Rare BooksKate Mitas, BooksellerMusinsky Rare Books, Inc.Northeast Document Conservation CenterRabelais, Inc. Rare Book School • Richard C. Ramer, Old & Rare BooksRodger Friedman Rare Book StudioRoyal Books, Inc.Seminario Interdisciplinario de Bibliología • The Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical BibliographyThe University of Chicago Journals DivisionUniversity of Minnesota PressUniversity of Pennsylvania Press

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The 2022 Annual Meeting Keynote Lecture

Sponsored by the Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA)

1:30pm Eastern, Keynote lecture by Dr. Elizaveta Strakhov: What Makes Bibliography Critical? A Medievalist’s Response

What makes bibliography critical for a Western manuscripts scholar? Medievalists have, after all, enshrined bibliography to the point of developing the specialized subdisciplines of paleography and codicology. How does a Western medievalist breathe new life into bibliography, that bread-and-butter of their scholarly pursuits? This talk offers a case study of two manuscripts of bilingual Anglo-French poet Charles d’Orléans’ work: not the two collections notoriously supervised by him, but two later fifteenth-century, largely neglected manuscripts of his work, one made for European humanist circles and the other circulating with English Tudor royal audiences. These collections’ scribal layout, textual organization, and codicological arrangement can help us glean contemporary attitudes regarding authorship and authorial collaboration; the distinction between authors and translators; bilingualism and multilingualism; and the relationship between the agency of the compiler and the exigencies of material and textual form. In the process, these manuscripts further problematize our sense of the scope of early humanism and its relationship to fifteenth-century England; the reading tastes of Tudor circles; and our understanding of late medieval England’s relationship to Europe.

The 2022 New Scholars

Sponsored by Les Enluminures
with additional support from George Ong and an anonymous donor

The Bibliographical Society of America’s New Scholars Program promotes the work of scholars new to bibliography, broadly defined to include the creation, production, publication, distribution, reception, transmission, and subsequent history of all textual artifacts. This includes manuscript, print, and digital media, from clay and stone to laptops and iPads.

Join us at 12 noon for the New Scholars’ papers, which will also be posted in advance to YouTube. The 20222 New Scholars are:

  • Christopher Adams, University of London – Malkin New Scholar
    ‘Could you make it rather more of a He and She picture?’: The Queer Dust-Jacket and Postwar British Fiction
  • Eve Houghton, Yale University – Pantzer New Scholar
    ‘I am always sorry to antagonize collectors’: Henrietta Bartlett and the 1916 Census of Shakespeare Quartos
  • Liza Mardoyan, UCLA – BSA New Scholar
    Decorative Bird Initials in the Medieval Armenian Manuscript Culture

Learn more about the 2022 New Scholars and read their talk abstracts here.

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Both/And: Bibliography in Action

Bibliographical study and analysis require the ability to closely analyze the macro and the minute details of the material text and the ability to situate individual examples within broader media and other cultural ecosystems. In the practice of bibliography this is never either/or; it is always both/and. We cannot do justice to the material objects without rigorous close looking and aggressive contextualization. Without this combination, it’s not possible to build the histories that we need to understand our world. BSA’s 2022 Bibliography Week programming will again highlight scholars from across disciplines and professions who put this dual practice into action, engaging newcomers and experts alike.

BSA will host two virtual panels during Bibliography Week that demonstrate the usefulness and relevance of bibliography for scholars, librarians, booksellers, collectors, and the bookish community at large. Like last year’s program, moderators and panelists will look together at a single textual object, making connections between physical features (e.g., paper, typeface, binding, marginalia), provenance, and the broader historical contexts in which these objects were first made and have since survived to the present.

Tuesday, January 25, 4pm Eastern
Materialities of Tibetan Buddhist Texts – Full description & registration
With Rebecca Bloom, Sangseraima Ujeed, and Benjamin Norse.

Thursday, January 27, 2pm Eastern
Bound Images: Maps in Books – Full description & registration
With Carla Lois, Jordana Dym, and Stephanie Stillo.

Meet the Editors of PBSA with Drs. Jesse Erickson & Sarah Werner

Please join Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America (PBSA) co-editors Dr. Sarah Werner and Dr. Jesse Erickson for an online Q&A session on January 26. Drs. Werner and Erickson will discuss their vision for the journal and how it can be part of an expanded field of bibliographical scholarship. They will also answer questions that you might have about practical matters of publishing in PBSA, such as the submission and review process, image permissions, special issues, and open access. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about their new role as editors as well as other questions related to the journal, so please get your queries ready!

This special online session will be held on Wednesday, January 26 at 4:00 p.m. and will be recorded for future viewing. Registration will open in December; it is required and free of charge.



Registration and Accessibility

Registration for in-person and virtual events will be required. Please continue to check this page or join our mailing list for up-to-date information on registration and accessibility accommodations.

If you need special accommodations in order to attend any Bibliography Week event, please contact Executive Director Erin McGuirl.

Professional Conduct During Bibliography Week

All presenters and attendees are required to abide by the terms set forth in the Society’s Events Code of Conduct. The BSA also retains a consultant to serve as a confidential resource on violations of this code of conduct. Any person who is subjected to, or notices that someone else is being subjected to, behavior that violates our code of conduct may report the incident to the consultant, Sherry Marts, who can be reached at or on ‭(202) 670-7746 and will be on call all week.