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The 2022 Annual Meeting

From January 24–28, 2022 the Bibliographical Society of America will celebrate Bibliography Week with a series of events designed to demonstrate bibliographical practice and its relevance to interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities.

The 2022 Annual Meeting will be held in-person in New York and for a virtual, global audience online. As always, the New Scholars Program will kick off the Annual Meeting at 2:30pm Eastern, and the Annual Meeting and Keynote Lecture will begin at approximately 4:30pm Eastern. A reception for those who can attend in person will also be held, as always, following the Annual Meeting.

Information about the program, in-person and virtual registration (required), and additional details will be forthcoming this fall.

We look forward to seeing you in January!

Both/And: Bibliography in Action

Bibliographical study and analysis require the ability to closely analyze the macro and the minute details of the material text and the ability to situate individual examples within broader media and other cultural ecosystems. In the practice of bibliography this is never either/or; it is always both/and. We cannot do justice to the material objects without rigorous close looking and aggressive contextualization. Without this combination, it’s not possible to build the histories that we need to understand our world. BSA’s 2022 Bibliography Week programming will again highlight scholars from across disciplines and professions who put this dual practice into action, engaging newcomers and experts alike.

BSA will host two virtual panels during Bibliography Week that demonstrate the usefulness and relevance of bibliography for scholars, librarians, booksellers, collectors, and the bookish community at large. Like last year’s program, moderators and panelists will look together at a single textual object, making connections between physical features (e.g., paper, typeface, binding, marginalia), provenance, and the broader historical contexts in which these objects were first made and have since survived to the present.

Please continue to check this page or join our mailing list for up-to-date program information.

Registration and Accessibility

Registration for in-person and virtual events will be required. Please continue to check this page or join our mailing list for up-to-date information on registration and accessibility accommodations.

If you need special accommodations in order to attend any Bibliography Week event, please contact Executive Director Erin McGuirl.

Professional Conduct During Bibliography Week

All presenters and attendees are required to abide by the terms set forth in the Society’s Events Code of Conduct. The BSA also retains a consultant to serve as a confidential resource on violations of this code of conduct. Any person who is subjected to, or notices that someone else is being subjected to, behavior that violates our code of conduct may report the incident to the consultant, Sherry Marts, who can be reached at or on ‭(202) 670-7746 and will be on call all week.