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The majority of the Society’s members are from the United States and Canada, but most European countries, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are also represented, together with institutions in Brazil, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Macau, and Kuwait.

Annual membership dues for BSA (January to December only) are:

  • $80 for Partner membership: Dues cover the cost the Journal, our meetings, and administration.
  • $125 for Sustaining membership: Help sustain our programs for the future, and support the junior members entering our field.  $45 of your membership fee is fully tax deductible.
  • $250 for Leadership membership: Support the growth of the BSA’s programs and membership in person and online, and support our publications.  $170 of your membership is fully tax deductible.
  • $500 for Advancing membership: Advance the BSA’s mission and geographic reach. $420.00 of your membership fee is fully tax deductible.
  • $1,250 for a personal lifetime membership: Support the BSA’s fellowship program and help us develop long-range initiatives to support bibliographical teaching and scholarship. $1,170 of your membership fee is fully tax deductible.

Emerging bibliographers who are 35 years of age and under may join at a discounted $25 annual rate.

All members receive:

  • a subscription to the quarterly Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America (PBSA)
  • discounts on the Society’s other publications
  • a 30% discount on all books published or distributed by the University of Chicago Press

Institutional subscriptions and back issues are available from the University of Chicago Press, Journals Division, PO Box 37005, Chicago, IL 60637. Telephone: (773) 753-3347, or toll-free in the United States and Canada (877) 705-1878. Fax: (773) 753-0811, or toll-free (877) 705-1879. Email: More information is available at